the brief

Whether it's a fun side project, or something that's already in production, we want to see what you're building and how you build it.

The growth of Serverless over the last 18 months has been amazing, and it's continuously being fueled by a great community of people that are willing to share their experiences.

This is your shot to fuel the community by entering the Serverlessconf Architecture Competition. We are calling for entrants to submit their innovative Serverless Architectures that solve a real-world problem.

do you have
what it takes?

What we are looking for

Functions as
a service

Function as a Service (FaaS) products were the catalyst of the Serverless movement. FaaS products allow you to focus on building the logic rather than infrastructure.

We want to see you use functions as a key element of your architecture.

Event Driven

Serverless architectures are event driven by nature. Inputs trigger events that invoke Functions. This might be a HTTP event or a new file in a storage bucket.

We want to see decoupled, event driven architectures that use functions as logic or glue.

Other * as a
service products

There are many as-a-service products available to developers. Examples include Amazon S3, Azure Table Storage or the Google Cloud Vision API. These services allow you to add functionailty to your application without having to build or operate it yourself.

We want to see smart use of other services for logic and persistance.

Project inspiration

judging criteria

Highest score based on
the following criteria.

  • 25% Difficulty
    of problem
  • 25% Elegance
    of solution
  • 25% Explanation of solution (including architecture diagram)
  • 15% uniqueness
    of problem
  • 1o% Live example or demo of implementation


  1. Teams of up to 3 people
  2. Original work
Submit a project

Due by April 23, 2017